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essary measures not ■to attract observation. The ●entrance to the house was by a long narrow p●assage. Philips placed some of the agents ●a little way down the {39} str●eet; others, near the entranc

e of t■he alley. 'I shall

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come out with Tyndale,' he ●told the agents; 'and the man I point out wit●h my finger, is the one you will se■ize.' With these words Philips en●tered the house; it was about no●on. The creature was excee

dingly fo■nd of money; he

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had received■ a great deal from the priest●s in England for the payment of his mission;● but he thought it would be only right ■to plunder his victim, before giving him● up to death. Finding Tyndal■e a

t home, he said to him, af

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ter a few c●ompliments: 'I must tell you my misfortune. T●his morning I lost my purse between● here and Mechlin,[75] and I am pennile■ss. Could you lend me some money' Tyndale, ●simple and inexperienced in th

■e tricks of the world,[7